Being the first step for solar panels manufacturing, crystallization of silicon is a crucial step for the development of high efficiency solar systems.

Highlights :

ECM Lab Solutions offers Directional solidification furnaces for Ingot crystallization application meeting the requirements of laboratories as well as R&D centers.

It transforms the silicon feedstock into a square shaped block of silicon so-called ingot with an electronic quality suitable for solar wafers and cells. Ingot crystallization is achieved through a directional solidification process carried out in a high purity silica crucible. During this process, most impurities are segregated to the top of the solidified ingot and crystallization is precisely controlled to ensure low defects rate and growth orientation.

ECM developed an advanced process on its crystallization furnace called CrystalMax in order to grow cast-mono or monolike ingots. CrystalMax is based on directional growth from mono-seeds positioned at the bottom of the crucible.

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