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Densification is the process of surrounding all the fibres within the preform structure with a resin, leading to a solid composite structure consisting of preform reinforcement and resin. 

Highlights :

Densification during super solidus liquid phase sintering is analogous to viscous flow sintering.

Prealloyed particles nucleate liquid at the particle neck, inside the grains, and along grain boundaries. This combination turns the solid particle mushy, and once sufficient liquid forms along the grain boundaries the capillary stress induces densification.

The higher the temperature the more liquid forms, and in turn the viscosity of the solid-liquid mixture decreases. The major densification mechanism for a given system can vary with experimental and compact conditions, such as temperature, pressure, particle size and neck size.

However, the overall densification rate of a compact is, of course, the sum of the densification rates of all the mechanisms operative. ECM Technologies RTP furnaces, are the offering from ECMLAB solutions for Densification application in the laboratories as well as R&D centers.

ECMLAB Solutions offers 3 furnaces adapted to densification:

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