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ECM Group

ECM Lab Solutions is an offer from the ECM Group dedicated to laboratories.
It gathers products from several companies under one brand.

Discover our different companies

ECM Technologies is specialized in the conception, manufacturing and commissioning of heat treatment installations. With a strong heritage, several inventions and continuing innovation, it is today the world leader in vacuum carburizing with an installed base of more than 1300 furnaces worldwide, representing approximately 300 systems. 

ECM Technologies has always been committed to extending its knowledge in the fields of temperature control, high pressure, vacuum and materials’ behaviour. This allowed it to serve all industrial sectors, such as automotive, aeronautics, medical etc.

ECM Greentech, a subsidiary of the ECM Group, was founded in 2013 and is specialized in designing and manufacturing equipment and turn-key lines for renewable energies & their storage. 

ECM Greentech manufactures turnkey lines in the photovoltaic industry covering the whole value chain: from silicon melting and its purification to the necessary products to manufacture panels. Because innovation is fundamental for ECM Greentech’s success, the company has a privileged partnership with the world renowned research institute CEA INES (National Institute for Solar Energy, France).

SEMCO logo

Semco is a former subsidiary of the ECM Group. It has been fully integrated in ECM Greentech’s portfolio as a brand in 2019.

Semco was founded in 1986 in Montpellier – France. It designs and manufactures equipment for the photovoltaic and the semiconductor industries. It has extensive experience in deposition and coating processes focused on semiconductor applications. 

Cyberstar logo

Cyberstar joined the ECM Group in 2017 ans was integrated in ECM Greentech’s portfolio in 2019 as a brand. It was founded in 1986 and is  today a leading brand in the designing and manufacturing of crystal growth equipment. 

Cyberstar is particularily recognized for the high precision and reliability of its furnaces, mainly used in photovoltaic, LED, Sapphire & electronics applications.

Annealsys logo

Annealsys, is the latest company that joined the ECM Group in 2021. Annealsys is also based in Montpellier – France, and manufactures RTP, ALD and DLI for the semiconductor industry. 

Annealsys has a strong and recognized expertise in the world of laboratories and manufacturing companies for semiconductor applications, nanotechnology, sensors & solar cells. 


ecm subsidiaries


ECM Technologies : Grenoble
ECM Greentech : Grenoble
CYBERSTAR : Grenoble
SEMCO Smartech : Castries
ECM Montpellier : Castelnau le Lez


ECM Furnace INDIA Pvt. Ltd : India

ECM Greentech Middle East : Abu Dhabi UAE

ECM CHINA Co. Ltd : China
HEPAES ECM GROUPE : China (Joint-Venture)


ECM GmbH : Offenbach

46 rue Vaujany – Technisud
38029 Grenoble cedex 2 France
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