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Vacuum furnace for
BRAZING process

What is brazing ?

Brazing is a metal-joining process for two or more pieces of metal and/or selected other materials, for example metal to metal or metal to ceramics / quartz .

A filler metal is generally used to link both parts in wetting phase. At this point of the process, wetting  lets the filler flow over the metal parts to be joined. As a consequence, the filler’s melting point should be lower than the one of the parts being joined together. Filler metals could be: silver, copper, gold, and nickel.

In the ECM Lab Solutions offer, brazing takes place under vacuum, no fluxes are needed to clean parts from oxidation.

Indeed, under atmosphere, a flux is needed to join parts. This flux aims at cleaning parts and deleting oxides generated by the presence of oxygen, hence rejecing nocive gas. In the ECM case, the use of vacuum avoids these processes, and hence, allows a cleaner process.

ECM Lab Solutions offers vacuum furnaces for Brazing application.

A major advantage of brazing is the ability to join the same or different metals with considerable strength.

This process generally takes place at high temperature, in a controlled atmosphere or under vacuum to insure homogeneity, the absence of oxidation and an overall better quality of the process.

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