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Rapid thermal processing
for semiconductor

What is rapid thermal processing (RTP) ?

RTP consists in using lamp furnaces for rapid heat treatments on silicon wafers.

RTP is a semiconductor manufacturing process which provides a way to rapidly heat samples to high temperatures to perform short processes on a timescale of a few minutes maximum. 

ECM Lab Solutions offers RTP furnaces for this application.

Fast heating and cooling to process temperatures up to 1400°C with ramp rates typically higher than 200°C/sec, combined with excellent gas ambient control, are within one processing recipe.

This system used to activate or dope the electronic layers by a very fast temperature raise up to 1200°C for proposed in complement of thin layers measurement systems.

Such rapid heating rates are performed by high intensity lamps (e.g. near-infrared light sources – Tungsten-halogen lamps) controlled by pyrometer and thermocouples that measure the sample temperature.

Our furnaces for RTP